Elderberry Arts – Art From Life

Journals aren’t what they used to be! They are not just the old-time diaries from your childhood. These vintage styled books bring back the journals from long ago. With these journals you can add your treasures and secrets. Flowers, ticket stubs, pictures, place cards; whatever brought you joy, there are spots for them all. If you have a certain journal in mind, I will do my best to create your dreams.
A long time ago you would play, saying to your friend, “Let’s pretend.” You jumped skipped, sang, and had fun. Each day was new, yesterday was behind you, and you were alive. Now think back to when it was art time. You were probably given clay or crayons and paper. If it were an extra special day you would get to finger paint! Do you remember the excitement and the anticipation? You just knew you were going to have fun and it would be wonderful. Ideas flowed as you discovered the masterpieces inside of you. That little child is still within you waiting to play and create. Its time to play. Let’s pretend…

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