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Sandra Strobel – Founder

About me

I create art that allows you to be the artist. I love this!  I believe everyone has a story to tell in one form or another. The truth is, everyone has a different reason to journal.  Its value is not just writing what you may have had for dinner or about some crazy, amazing things or even complex thoughts.  A journal’s value is in a collection of your innermost ideas.  My journals are to inspire you to share your thoughts, ideas and artwork. They, are just the beginning; now you get to create your story. Art can be inspirational and life-changing when it’s seen every day.
The first time I saw a hand crafted journal, I knew then that I could DO THIS! I started out making them as gifts for friends and word of my work spread and soon I was selling them.
Now I’m on a mission to encourage everyone to bring out their inner artist. These journals let you to capture moments and good feelings that allow you to re-live them, over and over. You will love the experience of journaling in word or artwork and maybe even both.
I started making journals two years ago and have not stopped since there are so many different kinds to make to create! I love all areas of art and I’m sure you will see some as well on this site. So, visit a lot. You will never know what gem you will find here and absolutely just have to have.



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