Suede Style Journal



This book is beautiful and well made.  I could see myself having tea and enjoying this journal.  What a perfect way to spend your afternoon.



Handmade item:
Dimensions: 7.75″ x 6″ and about 2.25″ thick
Materials; Suede-like material, leather, tea stained papers, envelopes, craft papers, craft and handmade tags, scrap papers, beaded flowers, charms, dyed and natural lace.
Water colored pictures
Decoupaged areas
Writing prompts
Natural materials

(Stand not included)

This hand crafted book is ideal as a journal, diary, scrapbook, or a travel journal.  It is covered in an upholstery fabric that feels and looks like suede. The spine is re-enforced with leather. The many pages are bound in such a way to ensures that it will last.  Each page is distressed to add to the aged feel.  There are many tucks, pockets, and envelopes to hold your treasures.  Added to that, are various and intriguing note cards, tags, and areas to share your thoughts, pictures and memorabilia.  With over two hundred pages, you will enjoy this journal for a long time.


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